Love this brand identity created by Adam&Co – certainly a departure from any sports apparel ads I’ve ever seen:


See the rest here:




i’m siting here in a salon getting my hairs did. considering i very rarely have 20 minutes free to do whatever my heart desires, i’ve decided to pop in here an update this little space. my mom flew in from new york yesterday and she is here until next thursday! beyond exciting to not have anything on the agenda other than relaxation and not working. beautiful.

2012 is going to be a fabulous year. later this month i’m meeting a2 (my two best lady friends) in vegas! we are planning a couple of camping trips, a trip to san francisco, and C and i are definitely heading to portland or denver or somewhere else equally spectacular.

happy new year! so excited to put 2011 behind me and make this year really magical.



you guys, sometimes life just gets the best of you and you wake up one morning wondering where the day/week/month/year went. i’ll explain my absence from this blog away by telling you i work too much, and am still managing to attend and do well in (toot toot goes my horn) three classes. three incredibly time-demanding classes.  but i’m so ready for a change of scenery. i guess that’s what happens when you’ve been doing the same thing day in and day out without any time to yourself. so i’m making a wish list and i’m sticking to it. when things around here slow down a little bit, i must do the following.

… i will spend an entire weekend at home in my pajamas, watching movies with, laughing at, and doing unmentionable things with my husband (who is hilarious. hence the laughing).

… i will fly to california for the weekend to hug my two best friends.

… i will fly to new york to give my momma a hug

… i will go on a proper vacation. somewhere i’ve never been. and do more relaxing than anything else.

… i will write more hand-written letters and be a better friend

… i will cook more home cooked meals. i miss cooking, and work + school until 10pm means more eating out than i’d like to admit.

… i will update this space more often.

… i will clean up and landscape my yard to make it an enjoyable space to enjoy my morning (or evening) coffee. i will! damnit.

… i will take some time to deal with this difficult time i’ve been having lately. my boss passed away on september 12. it is impossible for me to put to words the difficulty i am experiencing in processing such an immense loss with his passing. this unexpected loss weighs deeply and heavily on my heart and the sadness of it creeps up on me in the most unexpected places and takes me by surprise.


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