Moving past obstacles

What started as a minor setback in one area (knee pain), ended with bringing to light weaknesses in other areas (my mental game). A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t squat, lunge, run, jump, or walk stairs without pain. And instead kf benign thankful for the fact I still had legs, I damn near threw a temper tantrum.

Setbacks suck. A lot. Whether it’s in fitness, at work, or in relationships, having to adjust to account for a setback isn’t easy, especially for me, because I can be stubborn. But I have to remind myself that just because I can’t so something right now doesn’t mean I’m a failure.

Setbacks force me to meet myself right here in the moment and work through my weaknesses. I’m used to focusing on the end-game or my goal, of what’s to come. Always looking five steps ahead of my present self. Being forced to be stuck in a place and deal with something that I am physically and emotionally unprepared to handle is not fun. Or easy. It’s like being sent to the corner to think about your actions and not being able to leave until you’ve worked it out. The process is usually downright uncomfortable.

But where we lack comfort, we typically find the opportunity to grow. The growth is necessary and it takes work. Where I’m willing to put in the work, I come out the other side stronger and more prepared.

No boundaries

I fall in love over and over and again with the small things: the fleeting moments. And it is in these moments that I realize that my store of love is infinite. People exercise their right to hold back. But all I want to do is go all in. What’s there to lose?


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